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Friday, 19 June 2009

Carers Week 2009...

Well, haven't I been busy!

lol Last year for Carers Week, I met with Scotland's health secretary Nicola Sturgeon, to try and raise Carers issues and this year well....I was on the...

Cool or what? LOL

The reporters came to our home to film on Tuesday and it was all edited and on the news for Friday night!

Coo wasn't well enough to be filmed but in any case he wouldn't have been keen, he's a bit quieter than me!

I only hope sharing my story helps other Carers push for better services and a bit of help.

Here's hoping,
maz x

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sunshiney Days...

Hi guys! I'm back from Blackpool

The Central Travelodge is fantastic!!

and the weather? was fantastic too! LOL

It was sunny every day so we walked on the beach, ate ice-cream and generally chilled out and it was GREAT! lol

Just look at the view from our room!

Cool or what!

We giggled like kids and had a real fun time and we both feel a benefit from that as Coo has been really poorly and we've both been stressed lately.

Anyways, another bonus...Coo wasn't too bad while we were away, mind you he was falling asleep by 8 o'clock every night - must have been the sea air!

We're pretty much shattered with the travelling but it sure was fun.

I'm so glad the sun stuck around as everything seems so much brighter when the sun shines doesn't it!

Of course, no visit to Blackpool is complete without a hurl on the trams! lol

We sure had fun!

maz x