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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Enlightenment at last the RAS is over...

Hi guys, this time we have reached RAS enlightenment! and...
Thank goodness for that!
The Social Services resources allocation system or RAS for short, has calculated an estimated budget for Coo's care package. Now we just need the local authority to agree the funding and then? Well, we should be good to go! Woo hoo!

Coo is less stressed this week as the care plan review is nearing the final stages...all going well that is! It's been a long and difficult road at times but I think we are winning and I'm hopeful the budget will be approved and we can all start to move on.

It's a worry when things are under review as there's always the potential it will all go wrong and we won't get the funding to buy the care Coo and I need to cope with things. I have to say, in the past, we have been lucky, usually we don't have too many problems and the care plan is agreed pretty quickly. This time it's a little different as we've been moving onto a different system all together! It's also fair to say, it's not been without it's challenges either and at times we've both struggled.

I just hope all the additional stress and struggle has been worth it and this new system delivers a better quality of life for us both so fingers crossed and here's hoping!

We're coping ok and I hope your coping where you are too!
Maz x

Friday, 22 June 2012

Moods, meds and reviews...

Hi Guys, I think, I may have spoken too soon.
Coo's still having problems with moods and anger so things have not been easy!

I contacted his Epilepsy Nurse for some advice and it seems he's not alone! The AED (anti-epilepsy drug), he added into the mix 18 months ago, can sometimes have these emotional & behavioural side effects. It's not common but it does happen so...Lucky us!
***but what to do now?

Well, the newer drug helps his seizures a little so he's not too keen on changing the drug regime but neither of us is keen on keeping the mood swings! I can see where Coo is coming from, the drug does take the edge of things a little and that's got to be a major deciding factor!

We've taken the time, thought about things and then we started to think, maybe just maybe, the current, protracted care-package review we've been struggling with over the last few months has played some part! I know it's been stressful, Coo's struggled at times and so have I so I guess it's certainly possible!
I decided to up the anti and contact Social Services.
This has gone on long enough!
If it's effecting Coo's health and we're both feeling stressed, the review either needs to be completed quickly or dare I say it - left for yet another day!

I'm pleased with their response, things have now taken a massive leap forward and seem to be nearing an end - thank God for that!
I hope, once this process is over and Coo's stress levels go down, the sunshine will come back and we'll be back on an even keel!

Here's hoping things are more settled and sunny for us all soon!
Maz x

Sunday, 17 June 2012

On the up? I sure hope so...

Hi guys, things are back on the up again! Well, I hope they are!

Those nasty mood-swings are gone and things are getting back to normal, well, normal for us anyways and - thank God for that!
We've had a few days away for a wee change of scene - I thought it would be good for us so...we went to visit Looby and Steven.

I think spending some time with Looby and wee Jessica has done us both some good - she's a wee cracker! She's always smiling and I think it's infectious as when we're with her, she definately makes Coo and I smile too! lol

Things maybe on the up with our social services issues too. I really hope so! It's been a long and winding road with this care-package review, that's for sure!

It looks like we may, at last be, making some headway with this and I'm so relieved. Coo's been totally stressed throughout this process, he's not coped well and if I'm honest, I've not found it easy either so I'm kinda hoping it is coming to an end and sooner rather than later!

If things work out as planned, with this new system, we will both have a better quality of life and I guess that's why I've stuck with it and tried to keep Coo positive about things.

I really hope it works out and the additional hassle has been worth it! and if things don't go to plan?
Well...I think, we'll stay positive for now and just cross that bridge when we come to it!

I think things must be on the up right enough! The moods are gone, the care-package seems on the last leg and best of all? The sun has made a welcome return today! Yeah

Don't you find everything that little bit easier when the sun shines? I know I do so let's hope it stays with us for wee while!      

Happy Days!
I hope the sun's shinning for you too!
Maz x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

AED meds and moods...

Hi Guys, things are a bit of a struggle here and it's not been a good day, I'm afraid!

We've had an increase in seizure activity and worst still the nasty mood-swings have reared their ugly head! I'm not sure what is wrong this time, it's usually either an infection or a drug level problem that's the cause so I'm just keeping an eye on things and trying to keep a hold of my patience!

It's so very difficult sometimes to keep a clear head, especially when Coo's running around shouting and so out of control. Thank God they don't come often but when the moods do come, I have to remind myself this is not him it's the disability and the meds but at times, it's not easy to manage that's for sure!

 Hopefully things will settle down soon!
 Either...his temper will run out of steam or he'll fall asleep but one way or another, calm will make a welcome return that's for sure!

Until it does?
Well, cue a wee cuppa and a calm down!
Maybe some chocolate too! lol

The latest blood results are due back on Monday, hopefully we'll get things sorted soon so...upwards and onwards!

Let's hope for some happier days!
Maz x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Social Services Review take...6

Hi Guys, yes we're still stuck in review...for now!
Things are moving again, at least I think they are, and we're making some progress at last!
The story so far, it's... complicated!  lol
Well, it was always going to be wasn't it?
It's never easy moving to a new system and you know what they pain no gain!

I'm feeling a bit more optomistic this week, I think we're now starting to make some real progress so as far as that goes it's...all good! On the down-side, Coo's not been so fortunate, he's been real poorly this week.
He's very sleepy and it's been difficult to keep him awake so we've had lot's of seizures yet again. The temperature and weather changes from one day to the next, hasn't helped things either! I mean, one day it's really sunny and hot and the next?'s all grey, overcast and rainy! It's fair to say, it's been pretty much a bit of a mixed bag weather-wise, well, here anyways!
I guess it's...
dig out your brolly and boots time yet again - woo hoo!

It's just as well, I like splashing about in puddles like a big kid isn't it! Now before you laugh, you should try it! Honestly - it's got a kind of therapeutic effect and it's probably really good for lowering your stress levels too - go on you know you want to!

Happy Days, from a splish-splashing Maz!
Even if the weather isn't quite what you'd like for June enjoy it anyhow!
Maz x