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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

where's the last week gone...

Where's the last week gone?
Same place as the sunshine I'm afraid....God knows but it 'aint here! lol
Seems like both Coo and I have lost this week totally - Coo's slept it away...again and me?? well,

I've just kinda been hanging on in there and trying to chill and ride it all out yahoo style!

INTERNET Wooo Hooo or should that be Yahoo!!
If it weren't for my broadband I'm sure I'd be bored to tears, climbing the walls or both! lol

After all, there's only so many repeats of Tenko, Kojak or anything else a la UKGold you can view, before you're head gets sore!

It's been too wet to potter in the garden so this week, it's been a... and moving stuff around kinda gig - boring!

Just couldn't resist this pic! lol

We did manage to get out to our wee club (the one we run on Monday nights for adults with disabilities) and that always raises a smile!

Special needs bingo is not the easiest to keep up with and usually consists of me weaving around the tables and yelling well done! you've got that one!
or even...
2 little ducks??? 22 where are my quackers! answered by a lound chorus of quack,quacks and peals of laughter.

Who wouldn't have fun!
Especially as there's always some tea and buns to finish Mmm...Mmm

Coo and I need to feel the sun on our faces so let's ask the weather fairy for some lovely sunshine this week....pretty please!

maz x

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Well, the sun's back...

Hi guys, I'm glad to say after a weeks hard rain fall...the sun's out today!

I've been in the garden for a bit pottering around with plants and generally doing my charlie dimmock impression! lol

Coo's been poorly again, he sleeps most of the day and comes alive around tea-time.
It's been a bit of an adjustment again, what with seizures to cope with all night and then daytime too I'm feeling sleepy a lot!

I'm glad Looby's sleep over is soon!
It's on Saturday so I'm looking forward to a nights undisturbed sleep! BLISS!!

Anyways, enough of that and back to the gardening lark...

A few weeks ago I found a big packet of what could only be flower bulbs under the sink???
Well, what they were doing in there or how long they'd been there is anybody's guess but feeling kinda a guilty - it's only me who would have shoved them in there!, I decided to plant them and see if they'd grow!

...and grow they have! LOL

God know's what they are but they're getting pretty big and fat and have some pinkish flowers now appearing!

Result or what??

Now you've probably worked out I'm not usually the titchmarch type but I really have enjoyed pottering about in the garden this year!

It's thanks to the seizure alarms we now have, that I've managed to get out in the garden at all!
It's not so long ago I was shut in our room every time Coo was sleeping.

I'm not on commission - honest!
The alarms are brilliant.
I keep the handset with me and if Coo has a seizure it bleeps anywhere in the house or garden and I know he needs me.

They've given me a little bit of freedom back and that's not a little thing - it's hugely important!

It would be nice to have the sun back for a few days more.
I honestly think everything seems a bit brighter when the sun shines!

Let's hope for sunshine and smiles for us all!

maz x

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

where's the sun gone?

Ah well, I guess the bubble had to burst sometime - the sunshine's gone today and the rain is back with a vengeance!

I could have been doing with one of these outfits! lol

Well it was nice while it lasted and who knows maybe Mr Sunshine will be back! lol

Pardon the pun - every cloud has a silver lining and the upside is, Coo is feeling a bit better now the temperature has dipped a little so everyone's a winner on that front! LOL

Last nights wee club was brilliant, for those who don't know both Coo and I help run a wee group for adults with learning or physical disabilities.
Anyway, last night we had a colouring-in session and it was brilliant!

You forget how much FUN activities like that are when you've not done them for a while and it's great to have the excuse to step back in time for a bit and scribble away to your hearts content! LOL

First prize?? pick of the choccy biscuits and a medal - chocolate of course! lol

It is fun just to chill and switch off for a bit isn't it?
I guess it strengthens you up for the next on-slaught! LOL

I hope you've got your colouring pens and crayons at the ready where you are - go on you know you want to! LOL

Happy scribbling!

maz x