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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sending Rainbow's...

Hi all!

I always say about us Carers...

"We are all in the same boat so we each must take turns to paddle" - and it's true!

Must admit though, it seems like we've been paddling so hard over this last year and a bit, Coo and I, we could've been signed up as Olympic rowers!

Coo's still seizing pretty bad but not at an un-manageable level, the meds are still a bit of an issue though!
Gosh, it's weird how your perception of what you can cope with changes over time isn't it?

A few years back, I'd have said 10 seizures a week was too hot to handle but with all the crazy activity this last year, when it shot upto 30 a day, it's now a case of 10 seizes a day? that's...

Easy peasy lemon squeezy...well not quite, but you know what I mean!

I feel the sunshine is real nice but I guess you need some rain in your life too!

Please God keep sending me some rainbows!

*****Here's to rainbows for us all!*****

maz x

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Old pics....

Aren't old Pics a bit of a pick-me-up?

I came across some photographs from a family holiday around 15 years ago and they brought back sooo many happy memories of my children and.....


When we met him at the then Euro Disney - I wonder what year it was!
Anyone know when Disneyland Paris opened?

Coo looked so healthy and happy too, we had such a happy time there.

By the looks of them, my kids are around 10 & 6 as opposed to 24 and 20...Gosh that makes me feel my age! but then again, I had them very young!

Coo and I spent a good, happy hour going through them all.

We must dig out some more as it sure did us both no end of good!

maz x