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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Carers to Top it all - health issues and hassles...

Hi guys what a week it turned out to be for us!

Health issues galore here!
Me first...
It seems on top of the neck problems, neuropathic pain, wear and tear and degenerative disc of recent months, I've now developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
I've had wrist pain on and off for ages and I did speak to our GP about it around two years ago too. He advised me to use a wrist support, rest it and if it didn't go away, come back and see him - it went away and so did I! lol Next time it hung around for a few days again too but this time, despite resting it and using an ugly splint support, it's been over a week and no joy so...I think I'll go see our GP now and deal with it!
Coo's up next...
Ok it's not as if Coo needs another illness, well to be fair, who does!
In recent years, Coo's always been prone to coughs and chest infections after a nasty bout with Aspiration Pneumonia during an increased and prolonged seizure activity period. Anyways, he's had a persistent cough for months now so after yet more tests his latest xrays show he has COPD - (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).
I know he's been more 'gurgley and phlegmy' during seizures but I thought it was maybe yet another chest infection brewing - seems this is all par for the course with COPD and in our case seizures thrown in the mix!
We're just kinda regrouping a little and getting our heads around things. It'll be ok!
In happier news...
Wee Jessie's latest surgery for Hip Dyspalsia went well - she's up and around and doing grand!
and her wee sister's hip scan went well - surgeon will keep an eye more harness or Spicas for Islay! woo hoo! Thank goodness for that!
and to finish on a sunny note...

The sun came out this week, both Coo and I felt good on Wednesday too so we got out for a wee cycle! Yeah!
A good day and both hale and hearty? What a blessing!

We're doing ok and I hope you are too!
Maz x

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Happy Saint Swithin's Day...

Hi Guys, I hope today has been a Happy Saint Swithin's Day for you!

Isn't Swithin's window pretty! 
I've always liked it.
All apples and raindrops! lol
 Saint Swithin's old traditional proverb...

St. Swithin's day if thou dost rain, for forty days it will remain. St. Swithin's day if thou be fair, for forty days 'twill rain nae mair.

Well, this year, I guess we're in with a chance it's been glorious sunshine here all day and that's  unusual in these parts!
Maybe things are looking up!
I sure hope so!
Maz x

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Wee 3T Carers Respite day...

Hi guys I've been off out on a Respite day with my wee group!

Three Towns Carers...
Around six years ago our Carer group began. We are now a wee family of eighteen, who share and support one another through out the troubles and triumphs caring brings.
We offer support, friendship and extend a wee helping hand to Carers in our area and that can make all the difference in the world! I'm so very glad I found them!
We operate on a financial shoe-string using 'Tea money' and a little assistance from our local authority for which we are so very grateful! This wee bit funding makes it possible for us to access a much needed time-out and a little fun spent with other Carers too!
Yesterday was one-such day!
Fifteen of us set off (in the council mini-bus!) for a wee day out to Dean Castle and Country Park in Kilmarnock and what a day we had! From Castles and gardens, Llama's and Donkey's to pigs - both pot bellied and guinea ones!- we saw the lot and had a fantastic day in the process!
It rained too but it didn't dampen our spirits!

 I like to live life by this principle...
 It's not about waiting for the rain to stop, it's about dancing in the puddles! 

Here I am doing exactly that!

It's thanks to our SDS (Self Directed Support) that I can access days like this at all. There were times in the past it was all just to difficult and stressful and in the end it was easier to say 'I can't come' and just stay home but not anymore! SDS has opened so many doors for both Coo and I, we can arrange time-out to do something together or like yesterday, I can sort care and get out and have some time to myself too - what a luxury! 

I know this isn't the case for all Carers, too many still struggle on alone year-on-year as I did and I'm so grateful for the support and changes SDS has brought us, I sincerely hope other Carers find the support they need too.

So inspiring I wanted to share...

This is from the circular memorial stone in Dean Park Kilmarnock and I thought it so apt for our Carers too - especially as we were on our grand day out!

Stay strong my friends as will I!
Maz x