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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The Tens Machine...

Well, this shoulder is still pretty painful so I thought I'd dig out the TENS machine and give it a bash!
It's a while since I've needed to use it, away last year, anyway, I got the thing out and then decided I'd better check there was still some power in the battery.
I remembered the power light doesn't come on until the pads are connected, so far so good...NOT!
I turned the power on and forgot I was still holding the blooming pad - I was reminded of that quick, smart as the shock went up my fingers!!
It's only a small electrical shock but it did give me a bit of a fright!

It could have been worse, the machine did help with the shoulder pain and at least my hair wasn't left standing on end like a hedgehog!

Roll on tomorrow and I'll see what our doctor has to say!

maz x

Monday, 30 July 2007

Care for the Carer!

Why do we Carers insist the people we look after see the doctor as soon as humanly possible but when it comes to our own health? well we can wait...can't we?
Does this sound familiar?
Last December I eventually went to see our doctor after months of on and off pain from a troublesome shoulder.
Our G.P. asked how long it had been bothering me and I said, I saw him, a few months previous so he checked the file and I did see him...a full year pevious!
I knew it had been bothering me a while but didn't realise just how long!!
Turns out I needed a Hydrocortisone injection to sort it out and it did till now, well around a month ago!
I guess old habits die hard, it's taken me a month to sort out an appointment to get it checked...again.

I'm not sure if it needs another Jab but it might...I'll know by Wednesday that's for sure!

maz x

Sunday, 29 July 2007

The Trossachs, Callander & the Eagle....

Our day trip to the Trossachs and Callander with the club went really well.

The scenery reminded me what a beautiful country we live in, green rollings hills, misty blue & green lochs and every tint of heather from palest blue, through pink to vivid purple, it was so rich you could almost taste it!

Coo did well too!
I knew he'd be ok on the journey up as he was pretty excited about the day but I'd worried about keeping him awake on the the way home, but it was fine!
He took lots of pictures with his digital camera and this kept him amused and more importantly awake and seizure free!

The highlights of the day?
There were a selection of birds of prey at Aberfoyle, beautiful kestrels, owls and hawks.
Coo had his picture taken with the biggest Golden Eagle we've ever saw and he was thrilled to bits!
We also saw a shepherd putting his dogs through their paces herding goats and boy do they work hard!

I must admit it's taken Coo most of the weekend to recover from the trip as he's been really sleepy but it was worth it.
It's a long time since we were out like that!
We really had a brilliant day!
maz x

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Our club...

The club went well on Monday night,it was our very first craft night!
We bought Teddy Bear banks which were made of plain white clay and had pots of paint in a rainbow of colours with them.
This meant, before the night was done there were an array of multi coloured bears the like you'd never see in any environment or wildlife show!
I guess it's a bonus the furniture stayed the same colour it had begun!

On Friday the group's all off on a day trip out, bit of a mystery tour so who knows where we'll end up.
I don't really mind as long as there's a wee tea shop, (and maybe a scone), I'll be fine!

maz x

Monday, 23 July 2007

At last a....Sunny Day!

Well, the sun is back this way for a visit!
It's been so wet and horrid this summer I wondered where it'd gone!

Coo's in bed and I'm ever so glad we got the seizure alarm as it makes things so much more easier.
I can take the handset into the garden with me to at least enjoy the sunny day however long it lasts.

Still no Harry Potter yet, but we're still working on it!

Tonight we've got our club, it's held in our local community centre and it's a bit of a social thing really.
We began the group along with a friend as there were quite a few people with health problems or additional needs living locally who wanted somewhere to just hang out and have a bit of fun once a week.
A quick note to our community centre and the club was born!
We have 10 people who come along every week, I get to chat,drink tea, singalong to some music with the others and Coo gets to play a few games of pool or table tennis.

So that's why Coo's asleep just now, if he has a sleep in the afternoon, he can stay awake (and seizure free)long enough to let us both get out to 'play' tonight!

Seriously though, it's a hassle free night out we both enjoy!

maz x

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Cinema: To go or not to go....

We've been trying to get to the cinema all week to see the new Harry Potter movie without success.
Coo's been having a rough week again - no sleep and lots of seizures, he really wants to go but needs to have a settled night or at least some sleep before we're brave enough to chance it!

I'm afraid with no sleep and lots of seizures the night before AND a nice warm, dark cinema, it would be just about impossible to keep him awake and the minute he dozed off: he'd start to seize so no Harry yet again today!

Never mind, I'm sure it runs for weeks yet so we'll get there and until then there's always the trailer!

maz x

Monday, 16 July 2007

Back on the see-saw...

We're struggling a bit this week.

Coo's A.E.D.'s (Anti Epilepsy Drugs) have gone toxic....again.
The dreaded see-saw effect.
This means there's too much drug in his blood stream and he needs to reduce his meds again.
We're both shattered as Coo's had an increase of seizures over the last few nights.
I only hope things can settle down as we don't see the Neuro again for another 6 months.

Hopefully things will be more positive next time.

maz x

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Sad days...

We got word my cousins beloved daughter who had cerebral palsy has died.
She was a beautiful girl and only 26 years old.
It's such a shock for us all.
Memories of Laura, laughter, full of fun and always giggling.
God bless and keep her now she's far from us.

maz x

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Our O.T. visit....

Well, our O.T. came, she wants us to consider putting an extra doorway at the top of our staircase to try and stop Coo getting onto them while in seizure.

We're now waiting on someone coming out to measure things up and see if this would be possible.
I think it's a good idea as Coo does escape pretty regularly from our bedroom while still having seizure activity and full seizures anywhere on the stairs are not really a good idea!
We'll see what happens.

maz x

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Well, as if things weren't hectic enough this week our OT (Occupational Therapist) has phoned and asked to come out tomorrow.
I think it's about last months Social Services review of our Direct Payment as the worker raised some concerns about equipment.
We were using a baby safety gate to try and keep Coo in our bedroom at night during complex partial seizures where he is mobile and goes wandering!
Anyway, our O.T. thinks a child safety gate is not the answer so I guess she's coming to explore things further.
I suppose we'll find out more tomorrow!
maz x

Monday, 2 July 2007


Well, thankfully things have started to settle down and are getting back to normal, well normal for us anyway!
I'm glad Coo only drinks occasionally as I'd probably read the riot act if it was more often.
So last week the stress was surrounding the wedding and this week?
Well, we've got a Neurology appointment on Friday so this week won't be hassle free either!

I've tried to divert Coos attention form the Neuro appointment by booking us on a 'Heart Start' course this week.
It's a free course running locally teaching resucitation so I thought it'd be a good idea to learn!
I'm not sure how successful it'll be at keepin his mind off the Neuro on Friday but at least it'll give him something else to focus on, well that's the plan anyway.

Sometimes, it seems like we just lurch from one crisis to another but I guess that's just life!

maz x