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Friday, 30 July 2010

Back on the drug see-saw...

Hi guys, sadly, Coo's poorly again.
We're back o that up-and-down drug see-saw again.

Coo had his blood tests done yesterday and the first we knew of a problem was an emergency call from the NHS 24 service (out of hours doctors services).

It turns out Coo's blood drug level was in the toxic zone this time. The safe scale is 10 - 20 points and Coo was 26! It's been high before but not that high for a while.
Anyways, the emergency doctors advised he needed to reduce his dose straight away, so we did! Sadly the knock on effect is we're back in seizure city yet again and we're struggling.

I'm really greatful the doctors were so quick on the ball and phoned us right away rather than sending the results back to our own surgery as at least this way we've avoided further problems for Coo and probably another hospital admission too!

I'm clinging hard to hopes that things settle soon and hope things are easier where you are!

Take care and chin up!

maz x

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Edible gardening...

Hi guys, we had dinner from the garden again tonight and don't the potatoes look tasty!

They are red King Edwards and with some lovely butter, grated cheese and a fresh picked honey mustard salad they were sweet and tasted really great!

Come to think of it, with those rosey skins, they look a bit like apples don't they!

I never really thought about it before but I guess that's probably why the French call them apples from the ground! lol

At the minute there's the King Edwards and an assortment of salad potatoes on the go. The carrots and peas are still going strong too and there's loads of mixed salad leaves as well so at least we won't starve, well not this week anyway! lol

I can't wait! Next it'll be fruit! yeah bramble jam!
and... both Coo and I looooove beetroot so there's plenty for pickling!

A happy, contented and kinda stuffed to burst with potaotes and peas!
maz x

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Hi guys!
All together now...
The sun has got his hat on,
The sunshine's back and I got out to play! lol

I picked peas and carrots, mixed salad leaves and some lovely red potatoes (King Edwards!) it was heaven after the deluge of rain the last few days!

Looby arrived and had a giggle...
I didn't realise, but there I was out in the sunshine, picking pea pods, wearing a white gypsy skirt, a wee strappy top navy wellies to finish!
Well, the grass was still wet wasn't it! lol

I hope the sun sticks around for a while, it makes everything so much brighter and problems seem to fade into the background a little!

Fingers crossed and sunny thoughts,
maz x

Monday, 19 July 2010

Yet more Carer rainy days...

Hi Guys, it looks like good old Saint Swithin maybe right!

It's still raining here!
Talk about Stevie Wonders hotter than July...I don't remember a wetter July! lol

Coo's still poorly even though the latest batch of antibiotics are finished. We'll get the bloods done again on Wednesday.
I've been keeping myself busy with my Jewellery making and crafts and the poor old garden has had to take a back seat for the minute!
I did manage to get some lovely rhubarb on the go and some strawberries too (well who can resist)'s crumble all around! LOL

I hope things improve weather-wise as spending a happy hour out there isn't really's fun! LOL

Mean while...
The dogs are still munching away at my peas given half a chance - they don't mind the rain so they have kinda been beating me to it over the last few days!

I have found, carrots and onions taste so much better when they're pulled fresh from the garden! Who knew! lol
Only problem is at the minute, it takes longer to kit-up with all the wellies and waterproofs than it does to pick the veggies! LOL

Even in rainy weather there's always something of beauty to find isn't there!

Even so, I'm still holding onto hope for some sunshine, well, it is summer after all so it can't rain every day, can it?

maz x

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Oh no! not more rain...

Hi Guys and a Happy Saint Swithin's Day!
Isn't Swithin's window pretty!
It's all apples and raindrops!

Old traditional proverb...

St. Swithin's day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St. Swithin's day if thou be fair
For forty days 'twill rain nae mair.

Well, I guess that'll be more rain for us then!

Quick, just to be on the safe side, better dig out the brolly and wellies!

Ah Saint Swithin, no offence but I hope your weather forcast is wrong this time!

From a rather moist and wind-swept...
maz x

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Gardening and Carers...

Hi Guys, Gardening and Carers...
Pottering in the garden sure has been a happy diversion for me this year!
It's given me another focus while Coo has been so poorly's been productive too! Woo hoo

Look! my wee veggies are coming up a treat! LOL On the whole, everything has done pretty well and I'm really chuffed! LOL

Although, it seems the wee dogs have a knack for finding ripe strawberries before I do! Next time I'll need to grow some in proper pots or there'll never be enough for jam-making! LOL

Carers have a difficult and sometimes isolated time of it and while Coo's been poorly, I've found pottering in the garden a pleasant pastime and I think it's really helped me keep up beat about things too!

Now wouldn't it be good if only we could order up some sunshine as well!

Sunny thoughts sent anyway!
maz x

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Back in Anti-bio-land...

Hi Guys, it's been a tough week and we are indeed back in antibiotic land!

Coo is poorly yet again.
He had a bad seizure and aspirated some fluid.
The problem is, during a seizure, some saliva went up his nose, into his sinus and into his lung too so the result is he's struggling with another chest infection. He has a high temperature, flu-like symptoms and worse still, even more seizures to cope with - not fun!

I'm trying to keep positive about things, the seizure alarms are a Godsend as in between times I've still manged to potter about in the garden, knowing they will go off to alert me if he seizes.
God knows how I managed before we got them...well I do know how I managed - it was pretty darned hard!

Anyways, he seems to be picking up a bit now so I'm hopeful he's over the worst!

In other news...

I've been busy this week out working in my other guise (Reiki & Massage guru! LOL).

I began practicing Reiki & Massage around 5 years ago.

Coo was going through a rough time and Reiki and massage treatments were an option to help him cope as money was a bit tight (as usual!) so being practically minded me...
I trained to do it myself!

It gives me an outlet and gives Coo...some free treatments! I'm nothing if not resourceful! LOL

Anyway, on Friday's Looby has been drafted in to help out with Coo and I've had a change of scene for a few hours with some Reiki and massage. Honestly, I think I get as much relaxation out of the sessions as the community clients do!

All that aromatherapy, scented candles, gentle panpipes playing and half an hour in a softly lit room is good for the soul - it's probably the most peaceful of things that I ever do!

Can you tell? I love it! LOL

So, between coping with Coo, the Reiki & massage sessions and pottering in the garden, I've been busy, busy, busy! Maybe it's my way of coping, I think it probably is you know! I think I need the diversions to keep me sane and if they're pleseant diversions so much the better!

Happy Reiki thoughts, health and healing sent your way!

Take care of you too!
maz x