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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Carers and Christmas shopping...

Hi Guys,
I guess most Carers have been in this situation at one time or another!
a) When can I fit in some time to get those last minute Christmas shopping done.

b)If he's got to go with will I distract him long enough to secretly get him a little gift too!

After the hustle and bustle and the real joy of Looby's wedding a few short weeks ago, we decided it'd be a bit of a low key event this Christmas.
Not that we ever go really overboard anyway, it's usually little thoughtful things we buy one another and anyway fundings usually tight too - when is it ever anything else where Carers are concerned :-o

Carers Allowance doesn't go far when it comes to buying little extras does it! Although it's amazing what little, inexpensive things you can find around town (if you get the chance that is!) and I suppose it helps that I make my own scarfs, jewellery, jams, soaps and lotions and potions too! lol

It's always nice to receive something personal don't you think?

I must admit as our kids are grown now, it's not such a frenetic hustle and struggle to get the 'must have' toy or designer clothing and I truely don't miss that struggle! lol but What I do however miss, is having little people around at Christmas time, all that wonder on their faces and sparkly eyes peeping out expectantly!

I guess that's why I'm so big on Community Christmas events and having fun and I guess too, that's why I don the pointy ears and elf suit each year and help out the big man in red!
It's real nice to share some fun with the little ones and spread some Christmas cheer along the way!

I'm going to chillout a bit, drink some hot chocolate and tomorrow I'll hit the shops but...let's worry about that later!
I hope you're not too stressed out in the Christmas rush - and if you're beginning to feel it...drink lashings of hot surely works for me! LOL

Maz x


karen said...

I did most of my shopping online. I do miss going to the Christmas parade and going looking at lights. And I miss just walking around the Mall and window shopping but like you said us carers don't have alot of time for going out. Merry Christmas!!!

maz said...

Merry Christmas too you and yours too Karen!
maz x