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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Wash day blues...

Well, the worst thing possible!

My washing machine has broken down.
Why oh why is it, these things happen at the worst possible time?

I've got a pile of sheets and soiled clothes too grrrrr!
I sure hope the repairman comes soon!

This image made me smile!
It kinda helped me forget my wash day blues for a bit! lol

So...washing hassles apart we're doing pretty ok today!

maz x

Friday, 24 August 2007

A few days away...

Well, we've had a few days away in the borders at Castle Douglas and guess what?
We found the sun!

It was all, glorious warm sunshine, country walks and ice cream eating!
Best of all we had 6 whole days worth!

Coo kept pretty well (a few seizures a night) while we were away so I had a bit of a break too.

We both have felt the benefit of having the sun on our faces, ice cream cones and giggling again.

We sampled the cream o' Galloway ices and can whole heartedly recomend... millionaire shortbread ice-cream as it was...totally delicious!

The last couple of nights we were away, Coo was beginning to seize more so we knew it was time for home but it sure was fun while it lasted.

maz x

Sunday, 12 August 2007

stuck in...

Hi, Coo's been sleepy all day so there's been lots of seizures and to cap it all it's raining again!
Days like this do make me think of other Carers who are stuck in all the time as it must be pretty difficult to cope with.
I'm finding it hard this time, being stuck in for a few days, not sure why as the latter half of last year and the first three months this year, I hardly got out at all.
I guess the Direct Payments are starting to open things up for me and I think once you've managed to get out and about a bit, it's harder to go back again.
Does that make sense?

I'm hopeful Coo will be a bit better tomorrow and we'll get out for a bit and who knows, maybe the sun will come back...let's hope so!!

maz x

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Rainy days...

It's been very wet here this summer and it's raining again!
I even had to dig out my wellies this morning to go feed my bunny and she's only 8 feet from the back door!

I had thought about taking Coo to the park today but that is definately a no-go!!
Maybe we'll get a run in the car later, if it ever goes off...I'm not holding my breath though...

I guess, if you didn't like rain you wouldn't last long in scotland!

Never mind it's sunny inside!
maz x

Thursday, 9 August 2007

What did I see?..Harry P!

Well at last we got to see Harry Potter and it was worth the wait!
Coo had a pretty much settled night (6 seizures) so we decided we could go!
Thankfully Looby decided to come too.
I enjoyed it so much although around half way through Coo started to nod back and forth so we took it in turns to check he was awake and giving him a nudge every so often so he wouldn't sleep and seize.
Looby was sitting next to Coo so she got left with most of it but things went ok, no dancing in the cinema this time!

We got back home without any hassles so all in all it was a good day.

Only thing is Coo saw the trailler for the new transformers movie and wants to go to that one too!
I guess we're back to planning, waiting for a settled night and get ready to run the cinema gauntlet again and sooner than expected too!

Talk about a CINEMA trip! It's more like planning a military operation!!

maz x

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Oh that Jab...ouch!

Well, I did need another jab, my shoulder wasn't as bad as last time but it's still bothering me.
What is it they say? no gain? I'm not so sure about that!

Things are still a bit unsettled here, lots of seizures and with a sore shoulder too, my patience isn't at it's best...

Never mind, Looby's here to stay over tonight (thanks to our Direct Payment!) so I'll get some sleep....Yippeeeee!

As Scarlett famously said 'tomorrow is another day' and so it is.
I've got a Carer meeting and one thing's true: a cuppa and a chat are always welcome.

I usually feel better after spending some time with other Carers.

maz x