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Friday, 8 October 2010

Raggedy edged Carers...

Hi guys!
The dumpling tasted lovely!
Coo wasn't too keen but he's not really a 'cake' person so I wasn't offended - all the more for me! LOL

Being a Carer is never what you'd call easy. I think, sometimes it kinda feels like you just lurch from one crisis to another and this week has been one of those weeks!

It's been a bit of a struggle with Coo.
He's had lots of seizures this week so we're both feeling a bit raggedy around the edges! LOL

We're having some problems getting coo's new meds and that's added to the stress. It's turned into a bit of a saga...the Neurologist decided he'd like Coo to try another new drug and things seemed to be going along fine, well that was until our GP decided he didn't want to prescribe the drug! We're still sitting in limbo while they mull over who's responsible for prescribing and monitoring new drugs!

I can see why there's a bit of an issue, it is a new drug but it seems nobody wants to take any responsibility. Meanwhile Coo and I are waiting around and things aren't getting any better!

Hopefully, they will work it out sooner rather than later and then, we can at least try the drug in question and find out if indeed it'll help Coo.
What a medical mess - I hope they sort it out soon!

I suddenly remembered an old lady I used to visit who always said 'it's a great life if you don't weary' and she's right!'s hoping we all don't weary! LOL

maz x


Sapphyre said...

Good luck with the new meds... Coo must feel like a science experiment sometimes!

Dumpling sounds good... I didn't realise you could have sweet dumplings. I thought they were just those scone like things that floated in the top of a stew :) They call scones biscuits in the US to be even more confusing.

Mind you, I didn't realise there could be savory muffins either, until recently.

Hope you are well :)

maz said...

Cheers for dropping by sapphyre!
hope things are ok with you too.
maz x