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Friday, 10 September 2010

Carers need me time too...

Hi Guys,
I'm just like most Carers and we all know, there are times when you're kinda stuck and can't get out much and that's increasingly been the case for me recently!
It's so important to find some me time too!

Coo is still poorly with lot's of seizures and he's very sleepy too so I've spent a lot of time at home over the last few weeks.
I've been keeping myself busy with this lot...

...making some jam! Mmmmmm!

I found a really easy recipe to make jam using my breadmaker and it worked out just fine - well actually it worked out pretty much better than's yummy! LOL

I guess it helped, I had some lovely ripe brambles and plenty rhubarb growing in the garden to begin with so in between checking on Coo, I spent a happy hour fruit gathering and eating! before I even started to cook! lol

I'm really a bit of a novice but I must admit...
I'm kinda pleased with the results!
The jam tastes wonderful!
It's now all bottled up with a cute label and of course a bow and it looks really pretty too!

When I was a Carer at first, I used to kinda resent the times I was 'stuck' at home with Coo but now, I seem to have found so many ways to pass the time while Coo's asleep, that it doesn't bother me so much.
Being a Carer is a different lifestyle, well it is for me!
It's a lifestyle full of contradictions, from the sporadic times of high drama and tension of hospitals, ambulances and emergency admissions to the other end of the spectrum with a much slower pace and lot's of quiet time spent at home. I've learned to adjust and realised it's ok to be different, it's also ok to say...hold on and...slow down once in a while too!

Regardless of how much seizure activity during the night, I used to panic if the house wasn't tidy and we weren't up and dressed by a certain time in the morning but then I realised if you don't sleep much during the night bacause you're on the Carer night's ok to sleep in a little and start you're day a bit later, the world still turns without your input! LOL

I guess people don't really understand and unless you've spent some time caring you'd never realise there are so many people out there all caring, coping and generally just getting on with things as best they can even if it is a bit of a slower pace!

I think my rat-race days are well and truly over and if truth be told I don't really miss them much!
Manybe I'm just getting old - perish the thought!

Keep strong and sane oh and if you can make some jam! LOL
maz x

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