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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Cream cake eating?....not yet!!!

Well, I still haven't managed to get out and kick-up those leaves and more to the point...EAT those cream buns yet!

Things have been a bit difficult!

Coo's not been the best as the change in weather has upset him...again and to cap it all...we had the house rewired on Monday - what a mess!

Poor Coo, got landed with moving the heavy stuff as my shoulder is still a problem (another story me thinks!) so I felt about as useful as a chocolate tea-pot really.
I must admit though,I still excelled in the tea-making & choccy biccy department!

The results of our rewiring job??

Mostly, wires, holes, lumps and bumps...everywhere!

MEN AT WORK - what can I say!!LOL

Thank Goodness it's all over, the only problem now is the clear up.

Where the heck are Kim & Aggie when you need them? lol
Not that we're that bad! but I wouldn't mind some tips from those two as rewiring sure is a dusty job! LOL

I think things on the domestic front will get back to something resembling normal, (well normal for us anyway) soon-ish!

For the moment, I'll need to just dream of walks in the park and cream cake eating, more's the pity!

Never mind, I'm sure we'll make it out this week!

To keep us going?

A flowery cake - Mm Mm, I can taste it now! LOL

Take care,
maz x

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