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Friday, 8 June 2007

Looby stays over...

Looby's our daughter and she's also our P.A. which makes her a bit of a Godsend!
We employ her using a Direct Payment scheme from Social services.

I was ever so glad it was a Looby sleepover night last night as I was really feeling tired yesterday!
It does have a tendence to sneak up and catch you unawares as you just don't realise how tired you are and all of a sudden - wham it hits hard and knocks you for six!

When Looby stays over those two nights a week it gives me a chance to recharge my batteries for the next onslaught.
I now wonder how I ever managed all week with practically no sleep at all and I'm truly glad those days are gone!

Guess what?

It's been sunny here again today! unusual to have a few days in a row without any rain and as if it wasn't bad enough, I think the hotter weather's making me sleepy too.

Never mind in our climate, odds are it'll rain soon anyway!

maz x

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