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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Carers views needed to help...

Hi guys, if you are in Scotland and the person you care for has a Neurological condition please help if you can!

I received an email from NHS Scotland with details of the new draft on quality standards and I know, I know, it's 55 pages long but honestly reading the standards over about how things could and should be! brought it all back in a flash...

Poor Coo, we had such an awful time when he was last admitted to hospital.
It's such a pity all those lovely standards on how it should be were nowhere in sight then!

Regular visitors will know, Coo's seizures are fast and furious and all night long so an admission to the local General Hospital was always going to be difficult.

Comments from staff like:
* we can't cope with this!
*what's wrong with him!
and the worse one...
*is he always like that?
Were so hurtful for us both.
I'm afraid it took all the patience and energy I had, to ensure Coo was treated with dignity and care.
In the end, this could only be achieved by calling on Epilepsy Scotland and when all else failed going on holiday a la NHS and taking up residence there with him!

We spent two further weeks in hospital - (me on a recliner chair) - while Coo recuperated enough to come home.
It's a time I rarely speak of.
Honestly, holidaying on the NHS is not to be recommended - trust me - we know!!

So what prompted me this time?
Well, I'm so glad it looks like things will be improving at last and I'll follow with interest how these new 'standards' pan out.

So if you are in Scotland and you can spare the time take a peak...please!


maz x

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