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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Carers still paddling hard...

Hi guys!
I always say: we Carers are all in the same boat so we each must take turns to paddle and we've been paddling hard these last two weeks as Coo's still poorly!
He was well enough to go get his bloods done on Friday so hopefully we'll find out tomorrow just exactly what level his AED's (Anti Epilepsy Drugs) are sitting at!

Thank God for the Seizure alarms as without them, I'd be back stuck in my bedroom. At least with their help, I can move around the house freely as they always let me know when Coo needs me and this saves me going totally stir crazy! LOL

I must admit to feeling it's been a long winter, I can't wait till the better weather comes and I can sit in the garden come what may!

It's funny but when things are a bit difficult and I'm stuck in at home for a while, it really gives me some thinking time, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not! LOL
Taking time out, does help me evaluate, see things clearly and count my blessings so maybe it's not such a bad thing after all!

I honestly feel Caring is a bit like the juggler with all those balls up in the air at the same time.
It's probably the same for all Carers! We constantly rush around, trying to keep all the balls going - you know the balls I mean! - Caring, work, home, kids, family and finances to name a few!

Maybe it's good to call a timeout once in a while and just let some of 'em drop - it's probably good for the sanity if nothing else! LOL
Only problem is you gotta re-group, pick 'em all up and start juggling again or at the very least...learn a new trick!

So here's to all those out there who are juggling!
maz x


karen said...

I go out and sit on the back porch and feed the birds or squrrels. If I am really going crazy I go out and play with the dogs. They are a handfull and love to run and play. It is time for spring. I did not realize how I missed sitting out back till now.

kkii said...


maz said...

Hi guys, it's true, you never realise how long winter has been and something opens a memory and you realise how loooong winter has been!
Roll on the better weather! LOL
maz x

maz said...

For kkii
maz x

Robert said...

Hi Maz - Sorry to learn that Coo's still not at his best. We're all waiting for this veeeeeerrrrrrry long winter to end. A bit of light at the end of the tunnel in all senses of that phrase. I hope that things improve soon.

Btw, I'm not sure if you and Kkii have the same vision of what gives you happiness...

maz said...

Cheers Robert, it has been a long winter hasn't it.
maz x