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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Health, hassles & holidays...

Hi all, things have been a bit difficult this last few weeks as Coo's been having more seizures.

His meds have been on that dreaded drug see-saw...again.
Coo's blood test 2 weeks ago revealed his meds were too low for no reason we could find, so we agreed to up the dose a little.

This has been a bit of a mistake as Coo has slept on and off all day, every day, his seizure activity came back up to 20-30 and he felt really poorly.

We've decided to cut the dose yet again and see what happens - up and down, up and down.
Poor Coo, I'm beginning to feel the see-saw effect myself!!

I'm hoping things do settle a bit as we're going away for a few days!
Thinking things would surely be more settled by now, last January,I booked a few days away.
I was so optomistic things would be ok by the Summer time and Coo'd be well enough and raring to go!

But do you know what?

I'm not really worried about it anymore.
Things will be what they'll be and we'll just pootle on as before!
It's now been a real long time since Coo was well and it's amazing how you just 'cope' don't you!

You stress and worry, think how will I manage? and sure as anything, the sun rises to a new day and so do you!

Maybe Coo will improve a bit and maybe he won't, even if he doesn't, we've both learned we can manage things and we'll be ok!

So inspite of all the health stuff and hassles we're going to Blackpool as planned well or not!

So Blackpool here we come...

We'll wander along the beach and eat ice-cream, do you think that's a bit optomistic for Blackpool in June? LOL

Maybe we'd do better packing some wellies and an umbrella!

No way!
It wouldn't dare rain on our parade - and if it does so what, we'll hide away in the tower!!

Happy days,

Maz x

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