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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Coo's on the up...

Hi Guys, I'm please to report Coo is back on the up...thank goodness for that! LOL
He's not brilliant but he's a whole lot better than he was and that's the main thing!

It's funny, when things are really stressed and the care role is so intense you kinda go onto auto-pilot a bit - well at least I do and I suspect I'm not alone in that. It's only as things settle a bit, you realise how heavy going the whole thing has been...does that make any sense?

I'm just glad the last few days are over and hoping Coo stay's on a more even keel...well, even for him! LOL
Honestly there was a time when I couldn't have contemplated coping with so many seizures, I thought ten a day was a real handful then!
Ten a day's a doddle, in fact that's probably a good day!
I guess being a Carer makes you more resilient, somehow you just manage and find a way forward!

Incidently, I did get my much needed time out yesterday so I shopped till I dropped and stopped for lunch with my mum and best of all to finish up - it was a Looby night!

So just like these two wee babies there was some sleep for me too! Woo hoo!

I don't know how I'd manage now without those precious 2 nights sleep, they make such a difference. Today I'm doing ok, after yesterdays lovely timeout, I've woken up all refreshed and new and ready to start again! LOL

I hope, where you are, you're doing ok too!

maz x


Sapphyre said...

Fantastic news! I was getting a bit worried there for a while... probably not as worried as you!

And yes, we definitely run on autopilot.... DH and I went away for the weekend... and he was so anxious and sickly, we hardly did anything and he slept a lot. Oh well. At least we didn't have to do anything for a change ;)

maz said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one to auto-pilot then! LOL
It's a bit like that when Coo and I go away - he say's, for me, it must be like going away with our kids when they were small as he's asleep by 8-ish ! LOL
I always say...we came for a rest anyways!

maz x

Robert said...

The effects of stress usually occur after the event. It's like you said, when things get difficult you go on auto-pilot - do what you gotta do - until the emergency is over. Then you can release the built-up stress.

It's great to learn that Coo has improved. You must be very releived!

maz said...

Yes, it was a bit scary!
We all live to fight another day! LOL
maz x

ladythinker said...

Hi Maz, Long time since I've been thisaway - I'm so glad you managed to get some retail therapy in - and lunch with Mum too - how lovely.

What would we do with out 'auto pilot'. Would prefer a spot of cruise control though - it sounds less stressful.

maz said...

Yes! seems like we all admit to the auto pilot! LOL
nice to see you dropping by!

maz x