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Thursday, 27 March 2008

The new drug see-saw...

Well, we began putting the new drug in 2 weeks ago and so far we've avoided all the major nasty side-effects - thankfully no crazy 'hissy-fits' to report...yet!

On Tuesday, it went up to the high dose of 1000mgs a day but Coo's been having some problems since.
He sleeps around the clock and does not have any energy to go out etc.
He's also lost his appetite which is not so bad if your 18-20 stone but not good if your only around 10 stone to begin with!

The new drug was not supposed to re-act with any of his other meds but I think it has!
His drug level for the other epilepsy med, is now through the roof.
The safe dose is between 40 and 80 and today the reading is 109 - it's never been so high before!!

So, guess what??

We've begun the dreaded sea-saw effect yet again today!

Here we go!

Up 'n' down and up 'n' down!

We're reducing one med for two weeks and then we'll check the bloods again and plan some action!!

Nothings ever easy is it?

I hope life's treating you kind where you are!

maz x


Robert said...

I remember my last comment on the new meds... It seems that the whole matter was more complicated than I imagined! Nevertheless, the hopeless optimist in me hopes that the meds will achieve a stable equilibrium and everything will be much better as a result.

Is that a "we've been here before" incredulous look I'm sensing....?

On a different matter - any more news on your recent foray into the movie business?

Anonymous said...

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maz said...

Hi Robert, well my movie career is on hold a little! as I work for the local council everything has to go through Corporate first so I guess in about 2010 they might have released the footage!!

With the drug issue - well we have been here before but I guess you still kinda live in hope too!

Hope things are ok with you.

I'll pop along and visit!

maz x