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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

On the up....

Hi all, Coo's still on the up thankfully!

He seems to be gaining strength day by day, who knows where it'll end LOL!

It's been really nice today and I persuaded him to come out in the garden with a cuppa for a wee while and yesterday for the first time in over a month, he agreed to come to work with me!

We kinda got a system going there!

I work in the local Community Centre so while I hold my information surgery...
Coo plays a game of pool with the Caretaker!

Obviously this last month he's not been able to accompany me and Looby's been draghted in to keep an eye on things while I got to work, but yesterday...well, it was all systems GO!

Thank goodness for that,

Maz x


Robert said...

I'm really pleased for you. Oh! and Co too! Now the sky's the limit??

Looking forward to more feelgood posts!

maz said...

Cheers Robert, things are still pretty good!

We think the seizures will never be really well controlled but things are at least on an even keel so to speak!

Thank goodness for that!

maz x

Tilly said...

Hurray, breakthrough!!!! Roller disco next for you two?!
Large hugs Tillyx