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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Carer's really do Campaign...

Hi Guys!
Well, we all survived the big meeting with the councillors and there was no blood on the carpet...just!
They did get a bit of a roasting though!

I was pleased to see some members of my own Disabled adults and Carer groups had made it there and they stood up for themselves too!
'What will happen to vital community groups like our Carer support group if the council close all the community centres?'
'Where will there be for vulnerable people to meet and support one another?'

I'm kinda glad the councillors got a bit of a grilling as services here (and I suspect everywhere else!) are being reduced, cancelled and closed and it's just not acceptable!

People really do need to speak out and here... they did! LOL
Over two hundred people came to the meeting and shared their views.
We live in a relatively small rural area so that's a whole lot of people from our community!

With five local councillors and four Parliamentary candidates there on the night, I only hope that they both listened and will now act to save some of our much needed community services!

A positive, campaigning, sock-it-to-them kinda maz!


wendy said...

Well done Marie, for speaking out and arranging this.
I am sure you will continue with the fight.

Anonymous said...
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maz said...

Things went really well as you'll see from other posts.
I just hope they see sense and do the right thing now!
maz x

Sapphyre said...

I hope they can see that the centres are worth keeping. I was gobsmacked when I read these could be closed. I would have been lost without our locall. Kids did prekinder there, I did yoga there, used occasional care. This is in Australia, but the premise is the same. AA meets there! And the govt funding is very low for what you get! It's actually saving them money to have these places.

Hope all goes well.