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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Health issues, Carers & SDS...

Hi guys, it's been a very difficult week, Coo's is still poorly, we're waiting for blood and x-ray results and to cap it all I ended up in A&E myself.

I had numbness and tingle in my hand and face for over a week, I had no pain so wasn't that concerned but I caved into pressure from family, got a last minute cancellation and saw our doctor. Fully expecting a quick once over and maybe a prescription or even better's fine don't worry...but no - I had to go to A&E and wait and wait!

I won't go into all the details here and now - I think that's a post for a stronger day- all I'll say is, the whole A&E experience fell very short of the quality of care I had expected. Waiting times so in excess of current guidelines, I could have cried in frustration! I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do about this yet but that's a fight for another day, not today!

By contrast, hospital care itself, leaving aside the eight and a half hours wait in A&E, was caring, friendly and excellent quality and for that, I am so very thankful as it restored my faith a little. The staff we're open, friendly, tried to make my stay and as a Carer, the need for it to be over and me out of there as quickly as possible work but dear-oh-dear what an experience!

Thankfully our SDS (Self Directed Support) care package kicked in seamlessly, while I was admitted, Looby came to stay an extra night & day with Coo and this really meant, I wasn't worried so much about how things were faring at home and that so helped!

Thankfully my CT scan was clear, I need an MRI and I've agreed to have it done as an out-patient but for now I'm just trying to gather some strength, re-group and re-assess things a little.

I'm ok and we're coping!
Maz x

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