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Friday, 4 January 2013

Medication problems...

Hi guys, we've had some problems with Coo's meds!

Coo's been on the same core drug for over 25 years so what's the problem?
Well, without warning, it's been discontinued!
We went to pick the meds up as usual and the main one, the core drug that hinges everything together for Coo is...just not there!

We've been in contact with the hospital, Coo's neuro and Doctor and our pharmacist. It's been mighty stressful, that's for sure! Now, you'd think with such an important change, there would have been some prior warning from the people who prescribe and monitor Coo's meds wouldn't you? We'll no, it seems they didn't know - what a mess!

We went online to trawl for anything that could help us and low-and-behold we found it. Not on the NHS or drug websites mind you, not from our GP either but from an online Epilepsy forum and thank goodness we found them!
The drug has been discontinued, that information is indeed correct but the manufacturer sold the drug we need, lock, stock and barrell (minus the name!), to another company so things might, just might, be ok so long as his prescription clearly states the new name, manufacturing company and capsule type the drug should be the same and Coo should be fine - thank God for that!

I've phoned all who are involved with Coo's meds and asked for his records and prescription to be amended to include the new info. surely this should be enough - I really hope so!

I'm not really happy with the way the NHS professionals handled this situation. It's not acceptable to find issues surrounding vital meds occuring at the point of delivery in the pharmacy! If they knew of these changes, why didn't they tells the patients and if they didn't know...well, why didn't they? After all these are vital meds!

Not everyone has access to information online so I only hope, others who find themselves caught up in this medication mess, find the information they need too!
Land sakes, what a start to the new year!

I hope you're having a more settled time where you are.
Maz x

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