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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Happy Birthday Coo...

Hi Guys, it's Coo's birthday today so...
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you! lol

Luckily today, the weather behaved and although cold and a little frosty, it was a lovely dry today  so...we got out a wee run on our bikes...woo hoo!

We don't go far as Coo tires easily so it's lucky, Looby stays near by.
We popped in to see Baby Jessica too and had a wee cuppa along the way!

We managed to buy our bike using some of our SDS (self directed support) funding and they've been a real boon!
We're having lot's of fun cycling and who knew we'd enjoy this so much? They've been brilliant fun and as Coo's been really sleepy the last few days so a wee while out was just what we needed!
I think the fresh air has done us the world of good, it's certainly blown the cobwebs away that's for sure! lol
We've visitors coming over for tea and cake later so Coo's gone for a wee sleep.
All in all, I think he's had a good birthday.

Happy Days!
Maz x

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