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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy new year 2013...

Hi guys and a...happy new year to all friends near and far!

We've survived the festive season and without  too many mishaps this time around. I've a feeling this could be a good year - oh, I do hope so!

The changes in routine over the last few days are beginning to kick in now.
Coo's been sleepy and seizing and just like this wee puppy here, he's been finding it difficult to keep awake so I've kinda given up, let him have a wee nap and joined you in blog-land for a wee while! lol

It really is a bit of a roller-coaster ride when you're a Carer isn't it? I mean, you never know from one day to the next just, exactly how things are going to be. Even when you're caring for someone with a fairly settled condition, you never know when it's going to kick in so you're always, (beneath the surface!) a little bit on edge and ready to spring into action whenever necessary - it just becomes a way of life for most Carers doesn't it?
I guess that's why we are so chuffed and happy, when things go well for wee change!
Good days sometimes seem as rare as pearls and they're always greatfully recieved, whenever they do pop up!
You know what?
I've learned not to analyze things too much these days, I kinda go with the flow and just enjoy the good day while it lasts!

I've a feeling tonight could be difficult too so we're batting down the hatches and digging out those hard hats yet again and in the mean time? We're just off to make a wee cuppa and then I think, we'll be off to bed!
Here's hoping for some more good days for us all.
Maz x

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