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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Crash and burn, yet more bloods...

Hi guys, Coo got more blood tests done today.

Not ideal this time. It was an early appointment so his routine's all over the place and it's been a case of crash and burn today. He's been sleeping and seizing on and off  since tea-time and picked up a couple of injuries along the way so I guess it could be one of those nights - hey ho!

To cap it all, we had yet more problems today with medicines! Coo's been having some more stomach  problems so our doctor took the time to check meds and find something for him that would not cause any problems with his other meds - a real worry for us now as there's just so many!

Anyway, he found one and off we went to the Pharmacy, now you'd think everthing was plain sailing then wouldn't you? We sure did...but no! They made a mistake and dispensed the wrong drug! Luckily we double check everything and spotted their mistake, a quick phonecall to our doctor to check things and...back to the chemist...again!

I've heard from other Carers who have had problems with NHS prescriptions at Pharmacies too and that's a worry!
If we Carers can get it right and check for and identify errors, why can't the professionals keep up their side of the bargain too? This could have been nasty, thank God I spotted their error before any damage was done.

I hope things are going ok where you are.
Maz x

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