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Thursday, 17 December 2009


Hi Guys - We've been away!
Coo and I have been travelodge-ing it again!
I managed to get a deal for Glasgow Central at £19 a night...result Woo Hoo!

We got up and organised and left Tuesday lunchtime bound for the big city for two whole nights and it was brilliant.
George Square is all lit up and twinkly, there's an open air cinema and gallons of hot chocolate to help keep the cold out!
***George Square webcam***

We didn't really do much shopping but they were all open late and the whole place was jumping!
We went to the Peoples Palace and it was great fun, I got my picture taken in the steamie using an old mangle!
I don't think I'll moan again about the washing machines taking too long - heaven only knows how they managed with that old contraption, it'd have had my fingers off and no mistake!

The winter Gardens are lovely, so nice to sit and have a cuppa in amongst the flowers especially in chilly December!
I can definately recommend the scones too Mmmmm! LOL
Here's a pretty bird of sorts snapped in the gardens.
Not so much wild life more...
...wired life eh!

Ah well, Coo's tickled pink!
While in Glasgow, we found a music shop selling really good quality guitars and at a nice price too so...Santa came early for Coo this year!
Mind you he's been asleep since we got back so I guess he's found it all a bit I'm still bouncy and in the pink let's hope it lasts! LOL

I hope you're having some fun where you are and if you can, try Travelodge-ing it! It's fun, cheap and cheerful!

maz x


Robert said...

Marie has a friend in Linwood. I must bully her into letting us stay there for a few days so that I can re-aquaint myself with Glasgow. When I was a young man, I lived there for a few years, first of all off Great Western Road and then in Partick. I don't think I ever visited the People's Park, but I used to frequent Kelvingrove Park and the Botanical Gardens. Then there was the street almost entirely filled with Indian restaurants (forget its name)... Ahh, happy memories - which you have just refreshed!

Glad you had a good time!

maz said...

cheers Robert - Coo's been very tired since we got back but we both really benfited from a change of scene!

maz x

maz said...

You should go Robert!
Glasgow is such a hustle and bustle kinda place! LOL
It's great to visit!

maz x