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Friday, 18 January 2013

Tumbling times again...

Hi guys, we're struggling again.

Coo has taken a bit of a tumble and he has an increase in seizure activity too, I was beginning to worry just what was going on but lo-and-behold, he has a sniffle this morning we know!

The trouble is, he's fallen during a seizure and while it's not unheard of, it's a worry. He usually manages to dust himself off and just muddle along with little injury and seldom comlpains of pain.

This time he took a tumble and has hurt his arm although he insists it's fine, it's just a bit sore.
It's definately not broken or badly swollen but it has developed a weird clicking sound when he moves it!
He doesn't want to do anything about it for now so I'll just keep an eye on things and see how he goes and he's due to see the doctor again on Monday for bloods anyway so...if it's still 'clicky' we'll see about it then!

It's always something isn't it! Who knows, maybe it'll settle down again all by itself - stranger things have happened!

I hope where you are, things are settled at the moment for you!
Maz x

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