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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Wash day blues...

Well, the worst thing possible!

My washing machine has broken down.
Why oh why is it, these things happen at the worst possible time?

I've got a pile of sheets and soiled clothes too grrrrr!
I sure hope the repairman comes soon!

This image made me smile!
It kinda helped me forget my wash day blues for a bit! lol

So...washing hassles apart we're doing pretty ok today!

maz x


Mr Mans Wife said...

Is there ever a good time for a washing machine to break down?

I'm glad you're all ok apart from having to wear smelly clothes :o)

maz said...


Hopefully the machine will be working today, we had to wait for a part!
Fingers crossed it's up and running today as we're practically down to the last towel in the house!!
I now know what my mammy means when she says a girl can never have enough panties, thank the Lord I've got millions of pairs!!!
maz x