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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Goodbye my wee old dog...

Hi guys, Coo and I are sad today.
Our wee old Jack Russell Simba, had to be put to sleep and it's been so very difficult for us.

She was nineteen years old - so a fair old age and in good health until recently and it's been a bit of a blow for us so...I'm sharing some of my favourite pictures of her today!
From the photograph above you can see she liked pinching my carrot seedlings!

...and on occasion even my strawberry patch was raided too - nothing was immune from her munching! lol

My favourite one ever!
It was taken only last week by my nephew.
Thank you so much Craig!

Our wee dog, Simba, was with us so long she kinda grew up with our kids!  She always lay up beside us when we were ill - especially Coo - she kinda knew when he was really poorly.
She saw our children through the measles, the mumps and a multitude of other childhood lumps and bumps too! lol

She was a grand wee dog, we loved her dearly and we will miss her terribly!

Here's to happier times for us all!
Maz x

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your highland buddy said...

And her phantom pregnancies bye wee simba