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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Carers Allowance...

Hi guys, I visited another Carers blog recently and here's what she said on Carers Allowance...

'I received a letter this week from the Department of Work and Pensions - I was overjoyed to learn that there has been a rise in Carers Benefit, I am now going to get £55 per week to do what I do.  Appparantly I can earn up to £100 a week without this payment being affected. However as all my waking hours and many of my non-waking ones are taken up with caring or the paperwork and admin that goes with caring (those stoma bags and catheters won't order themselves, nor will those forms be filled in by anyone other than me or the laundry get done or appointments get arranged and attended...)  the chances of me doing any sort of paid work, meaningful or otherwise are out of the window.'
 It made me think, I too received the same letter, and she's right - Carers Allowance is woefully inadequate for the level of Caring most Carers provide every day with very little assistance, financial or otherwise!
The sad thing is, with each passing year, I've come to expect things just won't change, especially where the DWP are concerned! If like the Carer above and someone like me too, with a heavy caring role, you're just not going to be able to combine caring and real outside work (the type that helps pay the bills!), your earning potential is virtually gone so it's always going to be a financial struggle to keep things on an even keel!

I'm luckier than most.
At least my local authority accept our circumstances are difficult and offer some assistance so I can keep on going. We have a Direct Payment, that means at least I sleep two nights a week, I have a couple of hours off to myself too and the all important respite  - 3 weeks a year!

Now, while that doesn't seem a lot, it makes the world of difference to me! 
 It's so much easier to see the sun, when you're not totally stressed and struggling.
Trust me I know! It's only six years ago, we had no help at all!

That meant no un-disturbed sleep and definately no time out!
Things have improved a good deal for us and I'm only sorry that it's not the case for all Carers...yet!

That's why I continue to push for better services for Carers and their loved ones. I know how much of a struggle it can be and also how desperate the whole situation can become, when you're left 'doing it all on your own'!  It's both  a worrying and scary place to be so with that in mind...

I'm using some respite hours to sit on the Advisory group with my local authorities Personalisation program. They're moving to a more flexible model of care and I've become involved as I honestly feel it's the best way forward for Carers and disabled people to get a better service!

If my involvement means even one Carer or disabled person gets a better deal, then it will have been worth it and I will be happy!

We have to keep trying don't we!
Maz x

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