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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Direct Payments in Scotland...

Hi guys, I came across this and thought it interesting.

It's from the blog of Lesley Riddoch...

The Scottish Government's response to the consultation (Self Directed Support) (Scotland Bill) 2011:
'Employment of close relatives via direct payments'

40. The question of the employment of close relatives using direct payments was raised by a number of people. We understand that the current regulations on this matter are interpreted in a variety of different ways, with some councils allowing this in only a very narrow range of exceptional circumstances. In our view where the employment of a close relative is appropriate - in other words, where it is the best solution on hand, where it will achieve positive outcomes and where it is the informed choice of the disabled person and the carer - a local authority should support the family to put the necessary arrangements in place. In the lead up to the Bill's introduction we will consider the range of appropriate and inappropriate circumstances, with a view to laying a fresh set of regulations in the future.'

I'm so glad my local authority are supportive, it seems other councils are not so helpful - thank God I live here!
Maz x

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