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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Define normal challenge...

Hi Guys, I came across this and thought it was a good idea.
It's a define normal blog challenge!
Define Normal Badge
Well, what do you think? Sometimes, I tend to forget, what we perceive as normal, other people from what's considered normal families are kinda shocked by!

This week, well to start with, Coo's speech was a little slurred and he felt poorly so...

Appointment  #1 was on the cards -
More blood tests to check AED (Epilepsy drug levels), were ok and white cells too, just in case he'd picked up an infection...again!

Appointment #2  - That was for the results and to get the drug doses adjusted as he did have an infection!

Appointment #3 - Well, that was the most concerning one as it was with the Neurologist. It seems we're at the end of the road with drug therapies, there's little improvement in seizure activity levels and while that's bad enough, the main issue was the fact, our Neuro calmly dropped into the consultation, the fact Coo is now a high risk for a SUDEP, a sudden unexplained death in Epilepsy - well...okay.
Of course we accept this and take it in our stride - we've always known there was a risk and that's normal for our family. Just another ordinary week but while it's ordinary for us, it's not so for the other people around us and that's the bit you sometimes forget about isn't it!

People were genuinely shocked by this latest turn of events and when I think about it so should we have been - shouldn't we?
On reflection, I think it's part of our coping strategies, you just kinda accept what is said, take it on board and carry on regardless don't you!

I wonder what kind of 'normal' week the other bloggers have had - I guess we'll see, won't we!
Maz x

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