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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Gardening and Carers...

Hi Guys, Gardening and Carers...
Pottering in the garden sure has been a happy diversion for me this year!
It's given me another focus while Coo has been so poorly's been productive too! Woo hoo

Look! my wee veggies are coming up a treat! LOL On the whole, everything has done pretty well and I'm really chuffed! LOL

Although, it seems the wee dogs have a knack for finding ripe strawberries before I do! Next time I'll need to grow some in proper pots or there'll never be enough for jam-making! LOL

Carers have a difficult and sometimes isolated time of it and while Coo's been poorly, I've found pottering in the garden a pleasant pastime and I think it's really helped me keep up beat about things too!

Now wouldn't it be good if only we could order up some sunshine as well!

Sunny thoughts sent anyway!
maz x


Matron said...

Yep! we have more in common than you know!

maz said...

Thanks for popping by!
maz x