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Monday, 4 June 2007


The Carers war cry??....Sleep, sleep and yet again....sleep!

Coo has had Nocturnal Epilepsy (sleep seizures) for 30 years.
We've been married for 23 of 'em, so it's not unusual for us to be up and around throughout the night, in fact it's a regular occurence.

In our house nobody sleeps much!

Usually sleep's in very short supply here and sometimes night tends to becomes day.
On a quiet night, Coo has around 10 seizures and when things are bad...well, currently the record stands at 34 a night in March this year, thankfully things are a little better just now.
Last night they were a bit less, only 5 for a change, so we managed to sleep in between them and guess what?

We slept late for once!

It's probably the first time this year, I didn't see 7 in the morning!
I'm feeling pretty up about things today it must be the extra sleep and the fact I've got a Carer meeting today so it'll be good to catch up with the others!

maz x

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