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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Back in Anti-bio-land...

Hi Guys, it's been a tough week and we are indeed back in antibiotic land!

Coo is poorly yet again.
He had a bad seizure and aspirated some fluid.
The problem is, during a seizure, some saliva went up his nose, into his sinus and into his lung too so the result is he's struggling with another chest infection. He has a high temperature, flu-like symptoms and worse still, even more seizures to cope with - not fun!

I'm trying to keep positive about things, the seizure alarms are a Godsend as in between times I've still manged to potter about in the garden, knowing they will go off to alert me if he seizes.
God knows how I managed before we got them...well I do know how I managed - it was pretty darned hard!

Anyways, he seems to be picking up a bit now so I'm hopeful he's over the worst!

In other news...

I've been busy this week out working in my other guise (Reiki & Massage guru! LOL).

I began practicing Reiki & Massage around 5 years ago.

Coo was going through a rough time and Reiki and massage treatments were an option to help him cope as money was a bit tight (as usual!) so being practically minded me...
I trained to do it myself!

It gives me an outlet and gives Coo...some free treatments! I'm nothing if not resourceful! LOL

Anyway, on Friday's Looby has been drafted in to help out with Coo and I've had a change of scene for a few hours with some Reiki and massage. Honestly, I think I get as much relaxation out of the sessions as the community clients do!

All that aromatherapy, scented candles, gentle panpipes playing and half an hour in a softly lit room is good for the soul - it's probably the most peaceful of things that I ever do!

Can you tell? I love it! LOL

So, between coping with Coo, the Reiki & massage sessions and pottering in the garden, I've been busy, busy, busy! Maybe it's my way of coping, I think it probably is you know! I think I need the diversions to keep me sane and if they're pleseant diversions so much the better!

Happy Reiki thoughts, health and healing sent your way!

Take care of you too!
maz x

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