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Saturday, 20 March 2010

That Carer roller-coaster ride...

Hi Guys, it sure is a roller-coaster ride at the minute!
Being a Carer sure pushes you up, down and side-ways at times and you just gotta hang on for the ride! LOL

In the end, Coo did decide to reduce his AED (anti epilepsy drug) as he just couldn't function well when the levels were so high. I guess that's why he put's up with having his bloods done every 2 weeks - at least he knows quickly there is a problem and has a way of dealing with it, well...sort of!

Things seem to be settling a bit, for one thing he's not so sleepy and that can only be a good thing if you happen to have sleep seizures! LOL

It's stopped raining, the sun's come out and Coo's awake too -Woo Hoo!
so all is well in our little world, for now anyway!

I'm trying hard to hold on tightly to those little sunshiney moments!

I hope things are well with you too.

maz x


karen said...

I am so happy for the sunshine at your home. inside and out. It is snowing here. Good luck and I hope there are many sunshiny days ahead.

maz said...

Thanks Karen, i hope you have some sunny moments too!
maz x