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Monday, 29 March 2010

Coo and his Neuro take 2...

Hi Guys, things are still a bit unsettled here!
Coo's neuro appointment, well, where to start!
I guess it was a fair assessment really and probably no more than we expected.

Coo's neuro basically said there's little more to be done. His seizures will probably always be a problem and Coo has admitted he's accepted this could be the case a long time ago.
I think I did too but I always thought, well, maybe, you never know or maybe something would help a little bit but there it is.

Over the years Coo's tried at least 8 AED's (Anti Epilepsy Drugs) and none have helped much at all, well not enough to cope with the attached side effects anyway!
The neuro say's after 4 AED's, the diagnosis is of a drug resistant Epilepsy and with 8 or more already he doesn't think meds will ever be an answer now for Coo.

So where does that leave us?

Well, for one thing, he thinks (as we do), that the last test drug Coo's been using for nearly 2 years, could be causing the problems with Coo's drug levels. It could be making the drugs either too high or too low in his system - what we call the AED see-saw effect! This drug, is now going to be dumped and Coo will return to using only his core drug for now!

This might be a good thing for us as Coo will at least have less side effects and some nasty drug interactions but it's by no means an easy process and will take around 6 weeks to complete.
In the end if more drugs are not the answer, it does kinda make sense to take things back a little and see what happens!

Wish us luck as I think we could be in for a bit of a bumpy ride!

In other news... my wee plants are now out of the propagator and into new wee pots of their own...well done me!
They've all survived by the looks of things! LOL
Trouble is, I used to have a nice wee tidy propagator on a windowsill and now?
I've got loads of wee pots with an assortment of veggie plants in 'em - need I remind you even I'm not sure what seeds are what! LOL

I think I maybe need a wee greenhouse next...we at least till I work out what exactly I've successfully grown! LOL

Do Easter bunnies bring greenhouses?
I'm not so sure but I guess we'll see! LOL

Keep strong where you are and think of some sunshiney days for us all!

maz x


karen said...

Good luck, God Bless.

筱婷筱婷 said...


ladythinker said...

It's hard to face the thought that 'things aren't going to get any better' - I am sorry.

Some sunshiney days are just what we need to lift our spirits. Well done you on the plants. How exciting - waiting to see what they are when they've grown up.

maz said...

Thanks guys, sunshine always makes things feel just a little brighter, well, I think so anyway!
maz x