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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunshine makes a return...

Hi Guys, the sunshine has made a return here at last - it's been a long winter!

Coo is still a bit more settled at 10-ish seizures a day so we've both found things a bit easier going this week.

I'm real glad the sun is back, I hate grey days, I think they make for grey moods and on days like that everything seems so much more of a struggle. A wee bit of sun being around always raises my mood and makes me feel a bit more optomistic about things.

I've been pottering in the garden again...not much of a Charlie Dimmock but I do try! Anyways, while I was food shopping, I spotted some wee plants that I just couldn't resist! so as it was nice today...I've been busy filling up all the sad looking planters laying around the garden from last year!

There's nothing fancy, just some wee daffodils, a few crocus and some anemones but I must say they look brilliant now they're all colourful and cheery! LOL

I think all that fresh air and pottering about has done me the world of good! LOL

I hope it's nice where you are too!

Maz x


karen said...

I bet the flowers look wonderful. I have been out with the dogs and cleaning up around the yard a bit myself . Glad things are going good for you both.

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Robert said...

It's a medically attested fact that working in the garden puts you in better form. And some spring colour just makes it that much better! Good to hear the Coo is somewhat improved.

maz said...

Thanks guys!
The weather has behaved a little so I've been able to potter about in the garden again today!
You're right Robert it does seem to raise your spirits a bit!
maz x

maz said...

The way things are at the moment I'd need to be a fully fledged member of Gardeners World! LOL

Never mind - bring it on - I suppose!

maz x