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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Carer Coo & Neuro too...

Hi Guys, we have an appointment with Coo's neuro tomorrow.
Thank goodness he's a nice guy, I'm not sure what he'll offer Coo next but at least I know he won't rail-road him into anything!

It's a bit difficult, Coo's tried almost everything and there 'aint much more left to try!
In November when he suggested another new drug, Coo was less than enthusiastic - he's had such a roller-coaster ride this last few years, he's wary of any more changes.
He feels his body is hurting now and with any changes, there's a real risk of things quickly spiralling out of control.

I understand this only too well as you can imagine!
I guess we'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings!

***Now, enough of that, let's lighten the tone a bit...

My wee plants are still popping up all over the propagator, more and more every day!
Pity I don't quite know what they are though!LOL
My Mum popped in last night and assures me some of 'em are definately peas and as for the rest?...who knows! LOL

All I do know is they've prooved a bit of a happy distraction over the last few days!

I hope the weathers behaving where you are, it's raining here...yet again and you know what that means...brolly and wellie time! LOL

maz x


Robert said...

I've been way too busy to plant the seeds I bought a while ago :0( (I'll post about my week in a day or two, when =ever i can find the time!) And the weather has been cold (about 11°) and dull too. A bit depressing, really. Hope Coo's appointment went well.

karen said...

Good luck at the docs. I hope all goes well. And so glad spring as sprung at your house.

ned ludd carer said...

Hope you get a drug balance that works. I know from my own sons epilepsy that taking the right cocktail to hold down the fits but not knocking him out is really difficult and a permanent balancing act. (My own blog is at )

maz said...

Hi Ned, thanks for stopping by!
Sadly we won't get a good drug balance.
Coo's Epilepsy is now classed as drug resistant and his Neuro doubts any meds will ever work!
We will continue with Coo's core drug (Epanutin (Phenytoin) but there's no other meds left to try as a top-up so it's a case of routine management and do the best you can!
I hope things are well with you and yours and I'll pop along to your blog for a looky see!
maz x