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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

At last the thaw...

Hi Guys, well all our snow is at last gone and it's back to rainy days here! lol
The temperature is now around 3 degrees woo hoo!
It's positively bahamas weather...not...but it does feel a whole lot warmer!

Coo's still poorly, his blood results are not too good and his white cells are still raised so that virus is still kicking around his system.
On the up-side though, he's been a little more settled over the last two days so maybe we're coming out the other side, let's hope so as it's been a bit difficult recently and we're both a bit shattered!

Who knows there's some dry weather forcast for tomorrow so...

maybe, we'll get out to the park for a bit and blow the cobweds away!

Take care and keep cosy where you are,

maz x


karen said...

It was 60 today. But we have thunderstorms coming. All our snow has been gone for awhile now. Was on from Christmas till Past New years. I love snow but I will take this unseasonly warm weather anytime. I hope all is well soon.

Robert said...

It's not Bahamas weather here, either!

Poor Coo. About half the population here has some sort of virus, so he's not on his own.

I hope you get to the park tomorrow.