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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Weather better?..oh snow it's not!

Hi Guys, our snow is still here yet and that's probably a record for here.
We are on the coast so it usually never stays for long but this spell has proved the exception!
We've still got some snowmen standing and that's over a week on! LOL

It all looks so pretty, especially today as the sun has come out and warmed things up a bit! There's still no sign of a thaw though.
I'd been hoping things would have improved on the weather front by then as we've got to go out tomorrow. We've no choice really. Coo needs his bloods done and the medicine supplies are running or not...out we go! LOL
I'm so glad I bought those snow boots I found going cheap before Christmas!
If I remember correctly everybody laughed at the time but ha ha who's laughing now? My wee feet have been roasting toasting and looby (our daughter and main giggler at those fluffy boots!) now thinks she should have bought a pair too!

I'm glad Coo's getting his bloods done tomorrow as he's been pretty poorly over the last few days, very sleepy, his moods are all over the place and he's had lot's of seizures so maybe the tests will throw up an answer to the latest onslaught.
Either that or he'll develop the sniffles...again!
So...snow boots, hat scarf, gloves, bloods, appointments, pills and there anything else I need to remember...nah just like the landscape that's it all about covered! LOL

Where ever you are, I hope you're wee feet are toasty too!

maz x


Robert said...

well as usual, the weather is much better here than with you, so I'm sorry that you're having such an arctic time! I see thet your Christmas wasn't uneventful either...but you're like me - you make the best of the situation. You have to, don't you?

It's quite a while since I lived in Scotland and enjoyed Hogmanay, but I have fond memories.

I hope that 2010 brings an improvement in Coo which would bring an improvement in your quality of life too!

Best wishes.

maz said...

Hi Robert, any improvement would be brilliant for us both!
I guess we Carers do make the best of things, I think it's something we learn as time goes by isn't it!

maz x