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Thursday, 14 January 2010

On the snowy beach...

Hi guys, we've still got snow!

Coo's bloods results came back and things are not looking good at the moment.
His drug level is very high and his white cells are up too so has a virus...again which would account for the current increase in seizures.
We've thought about things and decided not to reduce the meds yet as it'll probably be the virus causing the problem and when it goes Coo could end up in a worse position. We're going to wait it out and see what happens over the next few days, but enough of that!

We both felt we had to get out today.
It sure does look pretty doesn't it!
It's still so very cold as you can see from the pics but we have been so cooped up lately that cold or not, I decided to take the chance while Coo felt ok and get out for a bit!
So...I came out of work today and thought let's go to the beach for a bit! LOL

I must admit though, it was positively Baltic out there.

My nose and cheeks were cherry red and nipping! LOL

Angel (our dog) on the other hand loved every frozen minute of it!

She's a Jackhuahua, which means she's a teeny weeny Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua cross breed and she's fully of beans as you can see! LOL.

The only thing is...'s pretty hard keep your eye on an eleven inch tall teeny weeny dog, who just happens to be white running around in the snow! lol

We sure had fun trying though!

maz x

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Robert said...

There hasn't been much snow on our beach, but there were lots of icicles on the cliffs. But they all thawed on Wednesday and it's relatively warm now (6° and forecast to be 10° tomorrow) :0)

Great pics!

I hope Coo gets better soon. Nearly everyone around here has some sort of virus - but luckily I've missed them far!