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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

That Drug See-Saw again...

Hi guys,
That dreaded drug see-saw, all these up'n'downs! it's more like a yo-yo at the minute! LOL
It's just as well we waited on the blood results before adjusting any meds!
Coo's AED (Anti Epilepsy Drug) has show a sharp dip and we can't account for it.

He doesn't have any of the usual suspects, you know the ones...cough, cold, temperature or virus so God only knows what's causing it this time!

I've contacted his E-Nurse for some advice but for the moment it's hard hat and flap jacket time again and just hope things either peak - the sniffles arrive or they begin to level out again.

Hear's hoping!

Other news...
I've recently been working with a couple of other Carers on a book of poems and verses and I'm so excited as we've had word it's going to be published soon!

Our local NHS Trust supported the project and helped us along and best of all...the booklets will be ready for the printers in the next week! wooo hooo!

The books are going out to Community Buildings, Carer Centres, Doctors Surgeries and Libraries so they'll be around and about!

Some of my poems have already been posted from time to time here on the blog but it'll be real nice to see them all together and in print!

I guess the roller coaster ride continues! LOL
It is nice to hear some good news though isn't it!

I hope you get some good news too!

maz x


karen said...

Congrats on the book and I will being praying that roller coaster stops.Good luck.


Robert said...

Weird about the AED dip, isn't it? I hope things settle down soon.

maz said...

Cheers Guys!

maz x