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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Neuro time again...

Hi Guys, Coo has an appointment with the Neurologist again on Friday. It doesn't seem that long since we last saw him but it's seven months ago!

I guess it's the same with most Carers, we just keep going, managing as best we can and time kinda runs away from us.

Coo's Neuro is a really nice guy and he does listen but what is there really to say?
I looked back here, at a post from when we last saw him in March and between that and the seizure diary we keep every day, it's clear there really isn't much improvement.

In the last seven months, we've added and dumped Zonegran - another AED (Anti Epilepsy Drug), we've constantly upped and downed doses of the existing meds and poor Coo's had blood tests done every two weeks and nothing much has really helped.

One good thing though, the frequent blood tests have worked as any infection or high/low drug levels have been found quickly so we've avoided any hospital admissions this year and for that we are both truly thankful!

You never know.
Maybe the Neuro will have something different to offer.

I'm valliantly trying to stay positive and hold onto sunny thoughts!

Wish us luck,
maz x


Robert said...

Thinking's the only way! Always believing that things could improve...

karen said...

Positive thinking it good. Keep it up. And good luck.

maz said...

Thanks Guys, positive support from friends is always a good thing!
maz x