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Saturday, 3 October 2009

That Carers Roller Coaster ride...

Hi Guys, caring sure is a roller coaster for us isn't it!
All highs and lows, the problem is you never really know when they're going to hit.

We had such a good day on Wednesday (my birthday) and Coo was pretty much awake and ok, well...that would be the high then!
By Thursday evening it was a different ball game all together back to a sleepy and seizing struggle.
Honestly it really is so like a roller coaster ride sometimes.
His moods are all over the place and his sleep pattern is shot to bits...again.

I'm annoyed!
We turned up as planned on Friday, to get his blood tests done and the surgery had made a mistake with the day doctor available and no blood tests done. Grrrr!

Problem is, Coo's been poorly over the last 3 nights and we could have done with knowing what his drug levels were so we could adjust the doses.

Due to their error, it will all have to wait - we can't risk reducing the AED (Anti Epilepsy Drug) doses until we know the test results.
Yet again...Grrrrrrr!

I'm beginning to sound like an old grizzly bear aren't I! LOL

I've re-booked the tests for Monday so hopefully things will go smoothly this time!

Let's hope he's back on the up again soon!

Thank God for our D.P. (Direct Payment), it's a looby night tomorrow night!

I sure could use some sleep!

I hope things are well with you and yours,
maz x


karen said...

A roller coaster ride that is forsure. Mom as been sleeping so much I can't get her to eat or drink. And when she is a wake she is to mean to eat or drink. I got her to eat some soup the other day but down hill from there. I don't know what's up . anyway the not eating and drinking goes along with her disease. Good luck and hang in there. \

maz said...

Cheers Karen, thanks for the caring thoughts.
I guess we're all on a roller coaster ride one-way-or-another aren't we!

maz x