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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Hard hat time again...

Hi Guys, it's hard hat's and flap jacket time again.

Coo has been poorly over the last few nights and I was starting to worry, what was the cause this time.
He's been tucked up in bed most of the day and it turns out the high temperature has turned into a cold yet again and the sniffles have arrived!

At least now we know the reason for the seizure increase, it's less of a worry and he's due to see the Doctor tomorrow.

While Coo's been tucked up in bed, I've been taking things a wee bit easier myself. The seizure alarms we use now, let me wander around freely at home and in the garden - though not an option today as it's practically Baltic here!
I know they'll alert me when Coo needs a hand and that gives me a bit more freedom.

I've pottered about the kitchen and got the soup pot out as I know when I don't feel well a comfy bowl of soup is usually all I want!
Poor Coo, he's getting soup if he likes it or not! LOL

Hubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble...
well, it is that time of year isn't it! LOL

Here's to comfy, cosy and warming soup...Mmmm!
Take care and keep cosy where you are too!

maz x


karen said...

I hope he is better soon. And the alarm is great.You can almost be free to do and go as you please.Almost.
Soup will be good. I made chili yesterday. It is cold and rainy here. Nasty out. Good and God Bless

maz said...

Hi Karen!
Thankfully Coo seems to be on the mend again.
maz x