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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Coughs 'n' sneezes 2...

Hi guys, those coughs 'n' sneezes are still kicking around here!

We're still in need of the wee cosy blanket!
Coo's getting mightily annoyed about things now. He's had this cough from mid September so we've been doubling up on the inhalers, steadily using pain relief, sipping the hot drinks, keeping warm and keeping an eye on Coo's temperature too but things are not improving much!

We know he has infection.
Last weeks blood results showed raised white cells and his AED (anti-epilepsy drug) levels were down so it's been fun this last few weeks and it's not letting up.

I guess you could say...
I'm digging out my hard hat and flak jacket as yet again we're on the dreaded AED - see-saw! You know the one...too much drug in the blood mean more seizures and just to complicate things...too little drug and, you've guessed it - even more seizures!

To increase the meds or not - well that's the million dollar question isn't it!

On one hand, there is an increase in seizure activity this week and Coo's very sleepy but then again the infection is still kicking around Coo's system just now and that could be lowering the drug levels. The problem is, if we increase the meds, as the infection clears, the drug level rises and things become toxic..not good!

I think, on balance, we'll stick it out for another week, until the next blood test are done and just hope things settle a little!

Wish us luck!
Let's hope for some winter sunshine, wouldn't that be nice!
Maz x

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