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Friday, 6 March 2009

The Neuro and the drug see-saw...

That dreaded drug see-saw I've mentioned before has just got a little bit more complicated!
I think it could be hard hat and flap-jacket time yet again...

Coo's meds are a fine balancing act, too much in the blood stream and it's toxic - too little and it's seizure city - the up-n-down see-saw effect!

He saw his Neurologist today and firstly I must say; he's a real nice guy, always takes time to speak to Coo and explain the options - little as they are!

It looks like he's going to add in yet another anti-convulsant to the mix, making a cocktail of 3 AED's now(Anti Epilepsy Drugs).
I've been on the National Epilepsy website for some info. on the new drug - zonegran.

Yet again the side effects are a bit of a scare but we'll not worry about that just yet - he surely can't be that unlucky again as introducing Keppra was a nightmare!

Coo's neuro says it's worth a try as his seizure level is still way too high.
We last added a new drug a year ago and it's not really dented things - he still has between 250 and 300 seizures a month.

God, when you write it down is sounds such a lot!
Nobody ever said the life of a Carer is easy but I think Coo's got the fuzzy end of the lollypop!
We'll begin the new drug on Sunday and just see where it takes us!

Positive vibes, and...

Lucky white heather at the ready!

maz x

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