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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

That Carer Roller Coaster...

Hi Guys, things are a bit brighter here!
Thankfully Coo seems to be over the worst of his cold.

His AED (Anti Epilepsy Drug) level is still too high but he thinks this is down to his temperature and sniffly cold so we're going to hang on in there, wait it out and see what happens!

We're at home a lot more as Coo seems to have bursts of energy and then fall asleep again really quickly so it's still a bit of a roller-coaster ride as one minute he's bouncing about and the next he's out cold!

His seizure level has risen a little, well...he's got around 12 - 15 seizures a day. While that's not easy, it's a manageable level, considering last year he was having 30 a day so we gotta keep looking on the bright side!

But enough of that...

Our wee club, the one we run for adults with disabilities had their halloween party last night and it was brilliant!

Coo had a sleep in the afternoon so he'd be ok to 'party' lol
We had an assortment of witches, devils, ghouls and lots more besides!
We dooked for apples, danced, sang karaoke, had a much needed laugh and generally chilled out and it was great!

I always feel better about things after our wee club as it always puts things back into perspective.
Despite all their disabilities and health issues it'a a very happy club, there's always lots of fun and laughter!
Kinda makes you realise what really is important doesn't it!

A chilled out and happy, smiley,
maz x

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