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Monday, 3 December 2007

T.E.N.S. machine out again...

Hi all, I initially thought I'd take the pain killers the doctor gave me on Friday, the nights Looby (our daughter and Personal Assistant) comes to sleep over...well it's not going to plan!

The tablets I got will just not do!

I tried them out on Friday night as Looby was staying over so I could sleep undisturbed and I didn't hear a thing the whole night long...GREAT for me but not so great for Coo!

I've got the T.E.N.S. machine cranked up and slapped on again to try and get some pain relief that won't knock me out so I'll to be able to wake up for Coo!

I hope this shoulder settles soon as I'm finding out that I'm not a good patient.

I wonder if that's a Carer failing!!

Nevermind, I hope you're coping where you are!

maz x


Robert said...

Are you like me -

- don't allow yourself to be ill, because who else can cope?

- worry about being incapacitated, because who's going to look after you?

....perhaps that's why carers don't make good patients.

It's good to see that you're getting out & trying to make things better for carers. Well done!

maz said...

Cheers Robert, I'm glad to see from yuor blog things are on the up with you and yours!!

maz x